Occupational health care against Corona

In 2020, the world will be affected by coronary heart disease in an attempt to escape from it and a way to avoid being infected with this disease. Different countries of the world today consider this disease as the most deadly danger for themselves and their citizens. In this situation, one of the important issues is occupational health. Occupational health comes first in the workplace. These two categories are intertwined today. Many people have taken steps to maintain occupational health against this disease.

Therefore, occupational and occupational health is a point that people should examine against this disease and similar diseases such as the flu. In this article, we will examine occupational health and its relationship with this deadly disease, considering the current situation and the prevalence of coronary heart disease. Note that Corona is very serious. If you intend to work in industrial environments, stay with us until the end.

What is occupational health?

Before moving on to the relationship between occupational health and the corona, it is best to look at occupational health. Occupational health is a special branch of medicine. In this branch of medicine, the physical and mental health of employees is always considered. The purpose of occupational health is to prevent diseases and injuries. The question now is what factors affect these injuries and diseases.


In this case, there are several factors. For example, one of the factors that may endanger the life or health of people is not using work clothes and safety equipment. You have to wear special clothes in the workplace according to the working conditions. Therefore, in industrial environments, this issue is of great importance.


Ergonomics are very important in the workplace. If your work environment is an office environment, how to sit behind a desk and the right chairs is very important in this regard. But one of the things that should be considered in occupational health is the relationship of people during the outbreak of infectious diseases. There are various infectious diseases in the world.

These diseases may be more pronounced in the cold seasons of the year. For example, the world is currently suffering from coronary heart disease. This disease has a high prevalence. Therefore, observing occupational health against Corona is an issue that we will address in the following.

رعایت بهداشت حرفه ای

Occupational health against Corona

It is good to know that Corona has no cure. This disease is one of the deadliest diseases. Deadly because its incubation period is 14 days. People may not feel the symptoms for up to 14 days. They certainly infect many other people during this period. Now imagine a person with coronary heart disease moving freely in an industrial or occupational setting. This puts other employees at great risk.


It is best to teach occupational hygiene against corona in industrial settings. But how is this health? Here are some examples of what to do about this disease and even infectious diseases such as the flu.

رعایت اصولی بهداشتی در برابر کرونا در محیط های صنعتی

Occupational health against Corona by employees

As mentioned, occupational health in the workplace is very important. In some cases, occupational health is only for safety considerations against a variety of industrial devices. But now occupational health has created a new mechanism against coronation. Employees and workers of an industrial and administrative department must pay attention to a series of things in the environment. Be sure to use a mask when doing work. The use of gloves is mandatory for employees. Given that an employee or worker in the industrial sector may be in face-to-face contact with work or client, it is better to use medical and non-medical glasses. As you know, throwing a very small drop of saliva while talking can cause coronary heart disease. This saliva may be present and this is what causes you to get this disease.Try to keep your distance when caring with colleagues or clients. Always remind yourself not to touch your eyes, nose or mouth while doing work. You may have gloves, but these gloves are not a way to get sick through contact with the hands, eyes, mouth and nose. Try to wear separate work clothes as soon as you arrive. When the work is done, take off this dress and do not take it home. Try to avoid drinks and food while working.

اقدامات لازم کارمندان برای جلوگیزی از کرونا

Employer duties in the workplace

Employers have a number of responsibilities when it comes to corona occupational health. Note that the employer’s responsibilities in occupational health are greater than the employee. A series of things must be observed by the employer. The employer must provide the correct information to the employees. The employer must disinfect the entire environment. He must provide corona testing conditions for his employees. By law, it is obliged to provide disinfectant equipment for its employees. Standard work clothes for employees are the responsibility of the employer. The employer must close his meals if necessary. For example, if there is a dining hall in a factory, the employer must close the hall for a while. In this case, the employee can be sent home to eat meals. If you are in the red zone of Corona, you should consider the arrival of staff at work. Therefore, the option of closing work and sending employees to home quarantine can be one of the options that the employer should use. In general, note that the health of each of your employees is very important. You may be injured when the factory or any other work environment closes. But losing employees further causes you more damage.

اقدامات کارفرما در برابر کرونا

Concluding remarks and conclusions

Coronary heart disease is an uninvited guest. This guest will leave Iran sooner or later. But occupational health must always be considered. Once you have practiced occupational hygiene against Corona, you should note that occupational health has several branches. To maintain this hygiene, you should use physiotherapists, health professionals, psychologists, ergonomics experts, occupational therapists, occupational health professionals and nurses in your work environment.

If you do not have these services at work, try to negotiate with your employer for implementation and occupational health policies, pre-employment health assessments, support for promotion and educational health programs, advise other employees, and Keep an eye on.. These are just some of the goal setting shareware that you can use.

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