Fire maneuver, rescue and Relief of Tehran International Railway Station

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Fire maneuver, rescue and Relief In different classes, part of our unique services in the field of HSE and firefighting.

In 2003, RDF GROUP succeeded in concluding a contract for the fire alarm and extinguishing system of Tehran Railway Station with Raja Company.

Contract Subject

Design, installation and commissioning of fire alarm and extinguishing system for the national project of Tehran International Railway Station.

The project took six months to complete and was successfully completed.

The fire alarm system is of the conventional type and the blue fire extinguishing system.

Fire Alarm System

The fire alarm system was implemented by preparing and installing the following elements.

 The central panel  with 28 fire alarm zone, 245 smoke and heat detectors.

Approximately 5,000 meters of steel and polyamide piping with related wiring.

Design and implementation of intelligent system of automatic reopening of doors of Tehran railway station in case of emergency.

Equipping smart and intelligent emergency exit signs was implemented with fire alarm panel.


Fire extinguishing system

The fire extinguishing system began with the construction of a 20,000-liter galvanized tank.

  ۵,۰۰۰   of the steel pipe for the hydrant in sizes “2,” 3, “4 were the next steps of the project.

2 electric pumps and a jockey pump with 22 fireboxes are other equipment used.

Fire maneuver, rescue

After equipping the Tehran railway station with the mentioned systems, the process of training and forming a fire brigade was on the agenda.

Continuation of the contract for planning and implementation of fire, rescue and rescue maneuvers of Tehran railway station was concluded.

It should be mentioned that the fire, rescue and relief stanza was held in two classes in March 2004 and 2005.

The cooperation of Raja’s station service managers and the management of the railway station has had a great impact in this regard.

History of Tehran International Railway Station

Location: Road station
Surface Area: 30000
Year: 1382-1385
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