Corona disinfection tunnel and related tips

Corona is an uninvited guest who has been involved in the world for the past few months. From Asia to Europe, from Europe to Oceania, everyone is infected with this deadly and dangerous virus. According to experts, the virus is an uninvited guest. We are expected to receive it now. With this situation, social relations and economic and administrative affairs cannot be closed forever.
To this end, knowledge-based and conservation companies decided to establish conservation tunnels. Therefore, Corona Disinfection Tunnel is known as a tool to prevent the release of Corona. Due to the emergence of these disinfection gates, such information is not available to them.
Many people are unaware of their dangers. So in this article we are going to talk about Corona disinfection tunnel. In the meantime, we will provide information on how they work and their disinfectants. If you are planning to use these tunnels for your company or work environment, join us until the end.
What is Corona Disinfection Tunnel?
Corona disinfectant tunnel is effective in removing corona virus from clothing and people’s hands. But keep in mind that if a person has coronary heart disease, it can be transmitted after leaving the gate. After using this device is only for removing surface viruses on people’s clothes and hands. Therefore, it is recommended to use the mask after passing through this tunnel.
It is worth mentioning that these tunnels have different methods and methods for disinfection. This equipment is usually used for the entrances of offices, shops and companies that are busy. For example, it has received a lot of attention in airport environments. Corona disinfection tunnel is used for both individuals and objects. But the disinfectant tunnel for people has caught the attention of the international community. Therefore, the use of disinfectants may be dangerous for individuals. Of course, we will address this issue in later paragraphs. All in all, this is a good way to get rid of corona. But the method is not 100%.

The working style of these tunnels

Many may not be familiar with the effectiveness of the Corona Disinfection Tunnel. These tunnels are designed to have special sensors to detect the entry of objects or people. When a person or object enters the gate, the disinfectant spray nozzles begin to work. These nozzles are usually about 15 nozzles. These nozzles are sprayed with disinfectant from tip to toe.
So during our research, it became clear that you had to stay in these gates for 10 seconds. Some of these tunnels are in two stages. That is, they disinfect once with disinfectants and once with different rays. Many disinfectant tunnels have a place to disinfect hands.
Now the question arises as to what are the disinfectants of these tunnels. Note that corona disinfectant tunnel materials are usually different. In some cases, we used a solution of water with sodium hypochlorite. Therefore, some tunnels use steam to disinfect. UV rays are also used in these tunnels. But in tunnels for light and heavy vehicles, a variety of disinfectants are commonly used. These disinfectants will not be such a problem for the car. For this reason, the type of disinfectant can have a certain variety.

Risks of Corona Disinfection Tunnel
Due to the overgrowth of corona, the use of this corona disinfectant tunnel has become popular. Due to the ignorance of some people about these tunnels, the World Health Organization warned that if chemical disinfectants are used for people, they may cause skin and even lung problems. For example, the use of sodium hypochlorite, or wax, is completely harmful to humans. For this reason, companies and places that use these gates must choose the type of disinfectant according to the Ministry of Health.

Even the Corona disinfection tunnel used for cars is no exception. Therefore, if wax and water are used to disinfect cars, the color of the car may be affected. Therefore, excessive use of UV radiation can also be destructive.

Suggestions for eliminating risks
But there are suggestions for eliminating the dangers of Corona Disinfection Tunnel. The type of solution used or the method used to kill the virus is very important. Of course, the use of sodium hypochlorite causes both skin and internal problems. Disinfectants such as ozone are safe. Also, using a tunnel that works with steam can be a good option for disinfection.
Steam chambers have a very high capability and can be a good option for disinfection. If these devices are exposed to UV rays, their virulence will increase. Therefore, UV radiation is less dangerous to humans than chemicals. On the other hand, if you don’t have that much use for this device, this radiation could be the best option for virus infection. On the other hand, ozone, steam and UV rays have the least environmental damage. In general, we recommend manufacturers and environments that use these tunnels to pay special attention to the type of disinfectant.

Final discussion
Finally, the use of Corona disinfectant tunnels in busy environments can be effective. But of course, the dangers for people are quite obvious. Most disinfectants are chemical disinfectants, and the use of chemicals for disinfection is unavoidable.
Therefore, we recommend that people who intend to use these tunnels try to use materials that are less harmful. People who are going to be in these tunnels, it is better to use different masks and glasses. If you are in a work environment and have to cross this tunnel several times a day, it is better to have Face Shield on your face.
In the end, it is recommended that you try to stay home longer to prevent coronary heart disease. We hope you have found the information you are looking for in Corona Disinfection Tunnel. Don’t be surprised if you see these disinfectant tunnels in different environments. But if you feel that they have been exposed to unconventional disinfectants, try not to overdo them. Therefore, they may affect your background if you have the disease.

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